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Quick Cat II

Quick Cat II was designed from the experience that Brian, Jill and their daughter Sarah have gained from being Australia's longest established whale watch company. Quick Cat II not too big but not too small. An extremely fast, fuel efficient, wide bodied super catamaran that leaves little wash or wake making it very friendly to the environment.

Quick Cat II deck design makes moving around the three deck levels easy and safe.

Ramps running from the main deck to the fore deck allow both able-bodied and disabled passengers freedom to move round the main decks. The large uncluttered fore deck, with things like anchors, chains and anchor winches all situated under the deck, makes for safe traveling. The fore deck also offers two large bow spits, that, conditions permitting, allow passengers to view dolphins riding the bow waves.

Quick Cat II has a very large upper deck

This can be accessed from either stairs from the fore deck between the amphi-theater seating or from the rear deck near the full size wheelchair accessible toilets. With the emphasis again on passenger safety and comfort the upper deck gives a 360 degrees view with both the upper and lower rear deck offering large curved balconies that have passengers out over the water for a birds eye view.

Quick Cat II is fully licensed and has a well stocked kiosk on board, complimentary light breakfast on departure for mainland passengers in the morning and complimentary light lunch served after departure on afternoon trip.

Passengers can purchase souvenirs,snacks, sandwiches, hot pies, sausage rolls, drinks etc.

Quick Cat II caters for kids.

Every child on board receives a "Children's Activity Booket".
A booklet that gives children the real story on the history of Whale Watching in Hervey Bay and includes games, puzzles, pictures and information for school projects.

Quick Cat II spotter aircraft (on standby)

We are the only company which own a spotter aircraft. While years ago it was essential that the eye in the sky was out there, these days the air craft is used more as a security measure being used daily at the start and end of the season and on days when spotting from the vessels may be a little harder than normal.
No, you can't throw any toilet rolls out the window anymore!

Quick Cat II passenger comfort

To further enhance our environmentally friendly, passenger comfort and safety, we ask that all rubbish, containers, food wrappings, etc. be placed in the bins provided.

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